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To inform, empower, and educate - Dave Metzger's Drummer Essentials website is a growing resource for drummers looking to improve their musical abilities. It all starts with Dave's famous 45+ page eBook that includes drum lessons covering: rock, jazz, latin, funk, double bass, drum fills, and a variety of other beginner to advanced topics! Along with that you get a free subscription to Dave's *power lessons* which include valuable insider drum lesson tips and tricks for practicing, grooving, and much more. Get started by entering your name and e-mail address below for instant access to your free downloadable copy of the Drummer Essentials eBook.

  • Learn to play many more styles of music like: Rock, Jazz, Latin, Funk, and much more!
  • Discover new and creative drum fill ideas that you can begin implimenting into your daily drumming!
  • Get advanced tips and tricks for improving your practice sessions, developing groove, and improving your overall musicianship.
  • All lessons are 100% free and are extremely valuable for drummers of any skill level that are commited to improving their musicianship!
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