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Have you ever been wanting to learn, but just not had the resources available to do so? Have you been stumped on the drums with no creativity in sight? Has the learning curve became stagnant? If this is you, you are the reason this website was created. Too many drummers have too little time to go to private lessons, and wait around for the teacher to show up. Maybe there is no teachers in your area, or you just can't drive there. This website is dedicated to those people.

Here at HowToDrum.com we have a team of drummers working for you, to answer your questions and provide you with advice on anything drums. We are ready to answer your calls, respond to your emails, and in the end you will see that HowToDrum.com is an essential tool to your success on the drum kit.

Creator, and Founder of HowToDrum.com Jared Falk, is a drummer enthusiast and has created this site with one thing in mind, to help you learn to play drums. He offers a free Practice Routine Generator that will improve your practicing, and ultimately elevate your drumming. He is always open to answering your questions either by phone or by email at:

jared at railroadmedia .com

We thank you again for checking out this free drum lessons resource!